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In this site we document and discuss issues regarding Fedwiki Site Administration on Digital Ocean servers.

Here are some tasks that i am currently working on: - Apache Virtual Hosts - Nginx - HTTPS and HTTP - Let's Encrypt Livecode - Caddy (web server)

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Pages about us.

At some point you may want to run your own Federated Wiki site, or perhaps set one up for friends or a class. We've had good luck installing on Digital Ocean, which currently offers very cheap hosting and a much simpler setup than services such as Amazon Web Services.

On a remote server such a Digital Ocean, where you have set up the server with the installation script, you can start and stop the server with:

These pages are about techniques, problems and issues with regard to running a Fedwiki Server.

# Tools

Use the Fedwiki Tools and the mediawiki-transport below to import Wikipedia content;

POST https://livecode.world/mediawiki


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